I love stony, so expect to see a lot of Steve(bottom) and Tony (Top) drawings from me...that's how I like it... ;)
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"Steve. You'll get us caught." Tony whispered with a chuckle as the readjusted in the dressing room. Steve growled as he pushed at Tony's shirt. "Any time you feel like producing." Tony couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out as he flipped Steve around and pushed him face first into the wall. "Needy little slut." Steve moaned as Tony quickly prepped him, biting down on the inside of his cheek as Tony pushed inside. "Fuck." "That is the plan. Don't touch." Tony set up a brutal pace, and (cont)
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steve takes his phone/tablet/computer to tony whenever he messes it up somehow which happens with more and more frequency and tony laughs every time asking ‘what did you break this time, rogers?’ and steve just shrugs and hands it over and usually they end up chatting while tony fixes it and…



I’m still be the worst for draw this kind of scene orz just need to keep practice more,thought…

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Tony doesn’t share Steve

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im sorry…..this blog is just a dump for twitter now and my twitter has jumped the shark………ill post real drawings soon

(and still waiting for ekaitz to post chobits too)

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World needs more Bottom!Steve.
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world needs more steve being fisted with bucky’s metal hand hahah whoops

stuffs week-old pizza crusts in mouth